Something New

February 15th, 2020

Welcome to the new(er)! has informally morphed a number of times since first registration in 2002. This “morph” is more formal – part style but also in expected use as a more active space for professional (and some personal) interests. I’ll call it 2.0.

Simple highlights:

  1. The site is WordPress-based – using a responsive theme I hand-created with a minimalist content-focus in mind.
  2. Comments are now integrated with Twitter – through a cool WordPress/Twitter plugin supported by a second one. I was a first mil. on Twitter and, while I haven’t been active there for a good while, I’d like to use it more while minimizing comment complexity here.
  3. The site is evolving – as I see simple features to add or tweaks to make. Feedback is welcome!

I hope you like the site and see value from it over time!


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Unable to load Tweets